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OCEAN hip 'agave'

Preorder: Delivery till 14.02.2022



Pre-order now, and then start with your new backpack into the new year 2022 sustainably and good-looking.

World’s first hip bag made from recycled ocean bound plastic, certified and controlled by an independent organisation.
  • Vegan unisex hip bag
  • Spacious outside pocket on the back
  • Another zip pocket inside
  • Water-repellent, robust recycled polyester
  • More than 95% of the hip bag is made from recycled material.
  • 100% vegan materials (PETA approved)
  • Volume: 2.5 litres
  • 14 cm (H) x 28 cm (W) x 8 cm (D)


  Product Details
  • Stylish it-piece and roomster made from recycled ocean bound plastic! Carry everything you need on the go: 0.5L drinking bottle, mobile phone, wallet, snacks or a paperback. The additional pocket inside (with zipper) keeps things tidy.
  • Anti-theft outer pocket on the back of the OCEAN hip: here you have space for valuables that you do not want to keep in the main compartment.
  • The outer material is made from 100% recycled recycled ocean bound plastic and has a coarse, grainy structure that hardly feels like polyester but more like a canvas tissue. This fabric is water-repellent and protects against wind and weather. Despite its coarse structure, the upper material is soil-resisting and is easy to clean.
  • Zipper color outside: silver
  • The carrying belt is adjustable in length so that you can wear the OCEAN hip as a bum bag or cross-body.
  • Black inner fabric made from 100% recycled ocean plastic.
  • For the production of the OCEAN hip, 500g of ocean bound plastic was recovered and recycled.
  • Weight: 210g

You can find more information about the models in the OCEAN collection and our innovative recycling supply chain here.




  Responsibly Produced

Fitz & Huxley is an alternative to ever faster product life cycles and disposable fashion or “fast fashion”. For us, sustainability is not a marketing buzzword, but a self-evident secondary condition of all our actions. Learn more here.


How does the OCEAN collection protect the oceans and our climate ?! Find out more here.

  Plastic Free Shipping

We ship plastic-free and our shipping boxes grow on the meadow. You read that right! We ship our products plastic-free in a box made from 40% regional grass and 60% recycled paper - this is currently the most sustainable packaging. Find out more here.

  Size Guide

Most of our models come in several sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for you and your use case. Are you still not sure which size to choose? Then click here for our size guide.

Does the recycled material make my backpack less durable than if it had been made with new plastic?

Basically, the quality of the material in the manufacture of backpacks from recycled ocean bound plastic is a challenge. Due to environmental influences such as solar radiation or salty sea water, the material loses its quality, can become brittle and then only be recycled in a correspondingly inferior quality. This often occurs with stiff fabrics. Unlike other backpack brands, we use a flexible but abrasion-resistant fabric that has been developed for us, which does not break and is therefore very durable.

Why do you focus on the oceans? What about other environmental issues?

To stop littering the oceans has a multitude of positive effects on our planet. We protect marine life that for example gets caught in plastic waste or ingest plastic as supposed food, then cannot digest it and die on a “full stomach”. But we also protect ourselves - because we ingest microplastics from the oceans through the food chain.

Researchers also suspect that microplastics in the nutrient cycle of algae have negative effects on the climate. Because: Algae - more precisely phytoplankton - use sunlight, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water to produce organic material in the photosynthesis process. This is what they feed on. Researchers fear that microplastics as supposed food inhibits this process. That could have enormous effects on our climate, because what many do not know: The phytoplankton in the oceans use about as much carbon dioxide as the land plants on the continents. Hence, it plays an important role in regulating our climate.

Our recycling approach not only helps to keep the oceans clean and this marine ecosystem intact. Recycling also helps to reduce greenhouse gases overall and thus protect our climate. Because: one ton of recycled plastic saves 2 tons of crude oil and up to 1.6 tons of CO2, which would be used in the production of new plastic.

Our high quality standards in materials and craftsmanship ensure that our backpacks and bags have a long life ahead of them. This saves resources and the environment. "Don't buy more, buy better" has been our philosophy since inception.

We also save CO2 through our regional supply chain: all steps from plastic waste collection to recycling, yarn production, weaving to the final bag production take place regionally in India.

In addition, we promote an understanding of garbage as a valuable source of raw materials among the Indian population. The fact that we pay people to collect rubbish leads to a rethink which in turn counteracts the indifferent disposal of rubbish in the environment. Do you want to learn more? You can find all FAQ here.




  Care Instructions

To ensure that you and your Fitz & Huxley experience as many adventures as possible together, you can increase the longevity even further with a little care. You can find all the tips here.


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In Berlin you will find everything: the crazy, the chaotic, the creative, the eccentric and the motley. Almost nowhere else will you find such an extraordinary and unique fashion variety. This gives Berlin its unmistakable charm. You will find exactly this mix of freedom, individuality and endless in the products from Fitz & Huxley. Regardless of the event: Fitz & Huxley completes your outfit in a stylish manner.


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