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Always bring your own bottle – whether you´re exploring the city with friends or you´re in nature doing sports. The OASIS in combination with a soulbottle makes it really easy for you to always have fresh drinking water with you. No need to buy plastic bottles when on the go anymore. This way you are making the responsible choice for a reusable drinking bottle, you reduce the amount of plastic in your everyday life and help saving our planet.

Furthermore the two internal pockets keep your keys, mobile and purse safe but easily accessible – this makes the bottle bag actually a bucket bag and a stylish it-piece too.

Together for a Plastic-Free World

At Fitz & Huxley, we have the mission to create products made of natural materials and aim for a plastic-free supply chain. It was a natural step to collaborate with the Berlin drinking-bottle-manufactory Soulbottles in order to design a sustainable yet stylish drinking bottle – that matches your OASIS bottle bag perfectly.


Drinking water from your soul bottle is not only good for you, but also allows you to support people who don’t have access to clean water by turning a tap. For every soulbottle you buy, 1€ goes to WASH projects (water sanitation hygiene) by Viva Con Agua de St. Pauli e.V. and the Welthungerhilfe.

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