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New Kraft Bags


These bags are made of paper!

More precisely: made of Kraft paper. In order to further maximize the sustainability of our products, we are continuously experimenting with new materials. The result is the KRAFT-collection. This combines a new type of vegan leather, which is practically indistinguishable from the beautiful structure and feel of real leather, with the environmentally friendly kraft paper. The kraft paper is made from natural plant fibers and is characterized by a high level of sustainability in raw material extraction and recycling. In addition to the clear ecological advantages, this extraordinary material is a real eye-catcher and also as lightweight as a feather  compared to conventional backpacks. Nevertheless, this innovative material is tear-resistant and robust as well as water-repellent – just as you can expect from a backpack.


The applications made of brown, vegan leather were a real challenge: in recent years we have experimented a lot with artificial leather and were either not satisfied with the look and feel or with the ecological footprint. After a long development period we are launching a new vegan leather with the KRAFT-collection. This innovative vegan leather is practically indistinguishable from the beautiful structure and feel of real leather. This makes the KRAFT backpacks 100% vegan and approved by PETA.

With a padded laptop compartment, a large number of inside pockets and the secure but easily accessible anti-theft compartment, the KRAFT bags are not only stylish and sustainable, they are exactly what you need for an active and fulfilling life.

Vegan Leather
Lightweight as a feather
Tear-Resistant & Robust
Anti-Theft Compartment
Water Repellent
Responsibly Produced

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