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  • Reusable, sustainable glass bottle from Soulbottles
  • With a minimalistic, unique Fitz & Huxley Design (Limited edition)
  • Glass
  • 0,6 litres
  • 26cm (H); 7,5 cm (D)
  Product Details

  • For every soulbottle you buy, 1€ is donate to Viva con Agua:
    Because not everyone can simply turn on the tap for clean water – as you & I can – we are committed to drinking water projects worldwide. Therefore, with every soulbottle you buy, you donate 1 Euro to Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. and the WASH project (water sanitation hygiene) of the Welthungerhilfe in Nepal. Clean drinking water for all.
  • Made in Berlin with love
  • 100% vegan
  • Minimalistic black print in Fitz & Huxley Design
  • Natural in taste
  • Dishwasher proof; Your soulmate likes to take a bath naked! Feel free to take your bottle apart for that.
  • Leakproof
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Natural rubber gasket in black
  • Porcelain lid in white
  • Empty weight: 530 g
  • As with all glass products and hot drinks it depends on the difference in temperature. We recommend for it to not be more than 40 degrees. What you can do is place your bottle in warm water to temper it before filling it up with tea. That also means that in order to fill it with boiling water, you would have to heat it up to 60 degrees…which is pretty cozy.






  Responsibly Produced

Fitz & Huxley is an alternative to ever faster product life cycles and disposable fashion or “fast fashion”. For us, sustainability is not a marketing buzzword, but a self-evident secondary condition of all our actions. Learn more here.

  Plastic Free Shipping

We ship plastic-free and our shipping boxes grow on the meadow. You read that right! We ship our products plastic-free in a box made from 40% regional grass and 60% recycled paper - this is currently the most sustainable packaging. Find out more here.

  Size Guide

Most of our models come in several sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for you and your use case. Are you still not sure which size to choose? Then click here for our size guide.

Why aren't the Fitz & Huxley shoulder straps padded? Don't they cut in?

We combine design and everyday functionality with our backpacks. We designed the shoulder straps so that they are as inconspicuous as possible and fit so well into your outfit. At the same time, the woven material is soft and thick so that the shoulder straps do not cut in even when the backpack is fully loaded. Thousands of satisfied Fitz & Huxley rucksack fans have tested this.

Why do you produce in India and not in Germany? Aren't workers exploited there?

It is true that poor working conditions, exploitation and child labor still exist in poor India. But the prejudice does not adequately describe reality. India is in a process of change, of which we and our production partners understand each other. In order to ensure our high requirements, our production is certified with the renowned SEDEX and SA8000 standards. These ensure, among other things, fair wages and the possibility of unionization as well as good occupational health and safety measures. About 140 people and their families can make a good living from the production for Fitz & Huxley and we can offer our customers very high quality products at an affordable price, unlike if we were producing in Germany. And: For us, an Indian family that makes a living from backpack production is just as important as a German one. You can find more FAQ here.




  Care Instructions

To ensure that you and your Fitz & Huxley experience as many adventures as possible together, you can increase the longevity even further with a little care. You can find all the tips here.


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In Berlin you will find everything: the crazy, the chaotic, the creative, the eccentric and the motley. Almost nowhere else will you find such an extraordinary and unique fashion variety. This gives Berlin its unmistakable charm. You will find exactly this mix of freedom, individuality and endless in the products from Fitz & Huxley. Regardless of the event: Fitz & Huxley completes your outfit in a stylish manner.

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Minimalist, unique Fitz & Huxley design bottle, inspired by our love and appreciation of the diversity found within our home city of Berlin.


Soulbottles are fair, carbon neutral, toxin and plastic free.

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For every soulbottle you buy, 1€ goes to WASH projects (water sanitation hygiene) by Viva Con Agua de St. Pauli e.V. and the Welthungerhilfe.


Combine the soulbottle in limited Fitz & Huxley design with your OASIS bottle bag. This way you are making the responsible choice for a reusable drinking bottle, you reduce the amount of plastic in your everyday life and help saving our planet.

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