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About Fitz & Huxley

We are sprouts of the metropolis Berlin bursting with energy and love for the urban life: riding a bike to college, taking the underground to work, enjoying barbecues in the park and dancing at the coolest night clubs. We believe that every child of the city needs a companion that’s both practical and functional while making an individual statement about taste and style.


With dedication to high-quality materials, the traditional bag maker’s craft and minimalistic design, we manufacture durable backpacks for all of your adventures, both in your own neighbourhood and in the city as a whole. It’s our aim to turn the passion we feel for our work into something very special: perfectly refined products to complete your outfit.

Our Product Story

At Fitz & Huxley, we create products with a minimal, timeless design, not limited to a seasonal trend, that you can use for years. We do not want to be part of throw-away fast-fashion, so instead we use high quality, natural materials to create durable, lasting products which are produced in a socially and ecologically responsible manner.


Curious how our backpacks look in daily life? Check out our lookbook and get inspired on how to style our products. Whether you are going to university, work or a festival, we have got you covered with the right bag.

Urban Diaries

We from Fitz & Huxley are sprouts of the metropolis and love the urban life with many sides to its character, some good and some bad.

With our series ‚Urban Diaries‘ we are telling you little tales from vibrant, manifold, adventurous urban life, showing short stories, portraits and other compelling features.

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