How can I clean my bag?

From time to time, you should wipe the canvas of your bag with a damp cloth to prevent dirt from settling in the fabric. The leather can be cleaned every now and then by using a soft brush or a soft, slightly damp cloth and cold water. Please do not use hot water as it can destroy the wax coating of the canvas. You cannot wash your bag in the washing machine. 

How can I remove creases?

If creases or pressure marks have formed on the canvas, you can simply iron them out. Important: place a piece of paper or cloth between the iron and the bag to protect the waxed canvas. Set your iron to a medium heat setting and moisten the canvas before ironing.

What do I do when my bag gets wet?

Simply wipe the raindrops from your backpack with a soft cloth and put it in a warm room. Please never put the bag on a heater to dry as this can cause the leather to become brittle.

Can I leave my bag in the sun?

It´s better not to expose your bag to extreme sources of light (like direct sunlight) or heat, as it might make the colour of the bag fade.

Make your bag last longer

Leather lotions for open-pored natural leather can be used to care for the bag. However, only use these after having used your bag for a while when the leather got a lighter colour due to the loss of nutrients.

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